Optimizing Your Listing

Optimize Your Listing for Maximum Results

Want to increase the exposure of your venue? Want to achieve high “click through rates” and “call to actions” ? Do you want to make your listing stand out from the rest?

Follow these simple steps to help improve the appearance of your listing, and gain more exposure and leads across many different platforms.


Your images are the most important part of your listing. Research shows that a consumer usually makes a decision whether they will buy or not within 4 seconds of seeing a product. This can be applied top your listing, as first impressions last!

Conference Venue ImagesFirstly we need to look at the quality of the images you are uploading.

It is important to upload high quality, fast loading images. All of your images are cropped and resized to 580px wide x 480px high. It is important to maintain these dimensions to avoid losing cropped areas on your images.

Although the images are of high quality, this does not mean they have to be large in size.

Optimal images are JPG images and are between 100kb – 300kb. This ensures high quality and fast load times for your listing.

Secondly, you must choose wisely with the images you upload. Ensure that you are covering all aspects of your venue that site users are searching for. Using professional photos of your venue can drastically increase your click through rates.

Image order – Make sure that you have your most prominent image as the first image, to increase your click through rate over other listings. When uploading, number your images in the order you wish them to appear, to avoid editing the order later.

Location Location Location!

Choosing your location for your listing is different to setting it on the map. We allow users to search listings via regions, not always via specific cities. This is to help find listings you may have missed. Make sure to choose the correct region or area for your venue. We have not populated all of our countries regions as yet, but if you feel you would like to have your region added to the list, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Listing Description

Making your listing description stand out is very important. Rather than having a block of text that people soon loose interest in, why not make the reading experience enjoyable for the user.

Optimizing ListingTips to creating a successful listing description:

  • Introduce your venue – draw the reader in
  • Explain about your main features – why your venue is different
  • Explain about your corporate facilities
  • Details on your accommodation
  • Embed a video from Youtube, Vimeo or Metacafe about your listing, or nearby local attractions.
  • List a “call to action” in your conclusion
Standard HTML text formatting can be used in your listing such as h4 & h5 tags, embedding images, embedding video, italics, bold, strong are all allowed. For more information on using HTML, please visit this link.

Embedding a Youtube Video

Embedding a Youtube video is much easier than you may think, but you must be sure to maintain the right proportions for your video.

share embedDue to width limitations, you must not exceed 536px wide.


  1. To embed a video, simply visit Youtube and click on the Share button below the video
  2. Click on the “Embed” button to display further options
  3. Select “Use old embed code”
  4. Choose a custom width of “536px” (Height will adjust automatically)
  5. Simply copy your embed code and paste it into the “HTML” box in your listings description where you want the video to appear.

Adding Documents to Your Listing

Although we give you the opportunity to add multiple room details to your listing, sometimes this does not offer enough information for your clients.

You can now upload multiple documents to your listing for new prospects to download.

This may include seating diagrams, pricing charts, floor plans, quote forms etc.


Each listing has a special offer feature. Keeping your specials updated regularly with current offers is essential to maintaining the quality of your listing.

Increasing Your Listings Exposure – Worldwide

shareAlthough Conference Traveller is active in promoting your listing across the Internet, you can take a few steps to help give your listing a kick start and some very fast traffic.

We offer users an option to share a listing not only through Facebook and Twitter, but with over 300+ other social networking and book-marking websites.

Simply use the share feature in the sidebar and sign up for each website to give your listing an instant boost.

Not only will you get direct traffic from these websites, but also increased rankings across the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Links from your Twitter and Facebook profiles and sharing with your friends and family are a great way to help spread the word of your venue virally across the Internet.

User Comments and Social Proof

Do you have many regular clients, or clients who have been very happy with your venues facilities? Why not direct them to comment on your listing at Conference Traveller?

social proof reviews

This can help to give your listing more social interaction, and more social proof.

With the use of social networking nowadays such as Facebook, people are more likely to use or purchase a service based on recommendations from their peers or consumer reviews.


Our Aim & Objectives

To offer the most Comprehensive Worldwide Conference Venue, Incentives, Meeting, Restaurant/Function, Entertainment and Conference Venue related Service directory. Providing you with the widest range of locations, facilities and budget matching choices to achieve your highest company objectives and outcomes.


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