How to Choose the Right Conference Venue

Conference Venue Room FacilitiesSearching for the right conference venue for you, potential clients, your company and your associates needs can seem like a grueling task.

How can you make sure that the success of conference is guaranteed and that the best outcome is achieved by all parties?

Simple steps can go into planning the best conference venue to suit your next corporate meeting.

Finding a venue that can achieve more on an emotional level than on a corporate level can actually significantly benefit the outcome of your meeting. Finding a conference venue that offers exquisite affordable catering, facilities that can cater to each guests personal needs, modern technology, and breathtaking architecture can provide a great foundation to a successful conference. But how do we bring all of these elements together?

Some of the main points to consider when choosing a conference venue are:

Attendance of Conference

What is the number of guests and employees that will be attending your conference? It is important to cover this in your initial planning, as not all venues are the same. Some offer split conference rooms, different room layouts, accommodation for multiple day conferences,

If the conference room is too large, it will make the attendees feel that they are drowning in the room, and creates a chance for distractions and lack of attention.

A successful conference is achieved by sizing the room to the right size so that everyone is catered to and the room energy felt is intimate. Everyone wants to be included, and attention spans will be at the highest level possible.

On the other hand, a room that is too small can create a lot of other issues, so choose wisely.

Also ask yourself if additional rooms are required. Is a consulting room required? An additional board room for executives, and who will be making use of the accommodation facilities. It is always best to gather this information well in advance.

Who is Attending

A conference venue should always reflect the needs, ethics and culture of the demographics that are attending. Always take note of the clients you will be hosting, or your own companies needs and interests. A fun conference is a successful one, so try and reach your attendees on an emotional level, which will allow the conference to remain engaging and attention spans to remain at the highest level.

Use a conference venue that will inspire the attendees through their surroundings, the content that you are delivering and sharing, the engagement with the attendees you are offering, and the atmosphere of the venue. Inspired employees are happy employees.

Facilities, What Facilities?

Conference Venue SpaDon’t wait until it is too late and the question has been asked. Ensure that your next conference venue has the right facilities to cater to the needs of the attendees.

Each venue is different, and some offer a unique facility or three that are not offered at any other venue. It is important to analyse your meeting demographics and choose which facilities might work best as an overall package when choosing a venue.

Unique Facilities such as:

  • Disabled Access
  • Massage & Spa Facilities
  • Venue Transport Services
  • Baby Facilities
  • Projector (Style & Technology)
  • Smokers Facilities
These are all questions that need to be asked. Adding extra bonuses is a great step to take if your budget allows it to happen.

Conference Venue Location

This one is quite self explanatory, but the mistake of a poor location is often made time and time again.

The best way to choose a location is how centralized and accessible it is for all concerned.

Are their local train and bus services?

Is their a direct route from the airport?

Do attendees have to travel hours on the way home, making them frustrated after a successful weekend?

Is the venue located near local sight seeing and attractions for breaks and overnight stays?

Are the parking facilities close, secure and free?

Do your research. The Conference Traveller website is unique as we encourage all venues to share local items of interest located to their venue, and all location, transport and facilities that are included.

Whats All of This Going to Cost?

For most organizations, cost will be a key factor in organizing their next conference event.

It is important to gather all of the requirements mentioned above before acquiring any quotes from potential venues.

It is important to list all items and facilities that you would like to make use of, number of attendees, number of accommodation, number of transport services, meals and more.

Also ask if their are any package discounts, or seasonal discounts. What is their deposit and cancellation policy?

Our multiple contact inquiry form allows you to add all of the venues from the Conference Traveller website that you are interested in, and contact them all directly with the one inquiry. This saves you time and helps get you the best price available.

Beautiful Conference Venue

Don’t forget to do your 3rd party research. What are others saying about the conference venue that you are thinking of?

Once you have your list of venue candidates, don’t forget to research feedback they have received from other organizations that have used their facilities.

We at Conference Traveller wish you all the luck to help find your next Corporate Conference Venue.

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